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We specialize in the visual presentation of your thoughts, ideas, and dreams across all spectrums.

Utilise GIFs and enjoy an increase of 103% in Conversion Rate. GIFs allow you to Rise a level above competitors & make your Social Media posts & ADs unforgettable. Create a Brand Image like No1 else with the best Graphic Design Company in India.

Above is the Sample of a Non-skippable Ad from a Youtube Advertising Campaign. Impress your Audience in 6 secs – This is the motto of Non- Skippable ADs. Here is how its done – Script, Sales Copy, Storyboard, RAD Graphics, Animations & Voice-Over… All combine to form the best of design & marketing skills!

This is a sample of a Cover Design we created for an Ophthalmology eBook. Apart from this, we can help you create beautiful, exclusive Print Cover Designs that have a long-lasting effect on a person’s memory. Utilise Faux Graphic Design Portfolio to see our ability in terms of RAD designs that none can beat.

It’s not just sleek corporate designs that our designers are pro at. Building INTERNATIONAL quality poster designs for Product Launches are also our forte. This is the sample of a Poster Design for one of our Clients from the Netherlands. Feel free to contact Faux Graphic Design Company for all your visual content needs.

The design guidelines given to us by Bajaj Finserv includes Self-explanatory infographics with simple & sleek corporate designs. And Faux was successful in becoming the design team of choice of industry-heavyweight like Bajaj by delivering 100+ infographics monthly with a fresh design every time. Create a Brand Image like No1 else with the best Graphic Design Company in India.

Enjoy 400% more Clicks with Video Content. Video is the most consumed type of content today, be it Facebook, Instagram or any social platform. People are actually addicted to videos…Rural & Urban alike! So, utilise this opportunity and create a brand-new image with Faux Graphic Design Company.


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